Fashion: Boys’ hairstyles


Nastassia Carter

Senior Anthony Westbrook show off his everyday hairstyle, which he likes to call the curly afro. This is his natural curly hair. All he does is wash it and let it air dry. “My hair is a part of me, defines me as a person,” he said.

Nastassia Carter, Reporter

There are common hair styles all around the world, especially being done by men. So many say that the way people do their hair can describe the personality of the person.

Senior Michael Padilla wears the half up, half down hairstyle. He was at work when he decided to put his hair up because he was hot.

“It was in my face so I put it up,” Padilla said.

Padilla thinks that this hairstyle is very easy for men that work out or do any physical activities. He has been wearing this hairstyle for a year now.

“I wake up and sometimes it’s crazy, but sometimes it’s contained,” he said.

Freshman Chris Henderson rocks a tapper fade, like the one Odell Beckham Jr wears. He has had this hairstyle for about three months. He uses Aussie shampoo and conditioner and gets his hair done by Danny, a well-known barber in Bastrop.

“The good thing about my hair is that I just wake up and the morning and its basically already ready,” he said.

When Henderson first got this haircut most were confused on why he did it, but then when his friends got used to it they now find this haircut interesting. Henderson has now been more confident with his hairstyle decisions.

“My hair is very important to me, and without it I wouldn’t be as confident as I am right now.”